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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Violation of the law is a problem in itself

Violation of the law is a problem in itself

Violation of the law is a problem in itself

Pakistan is a developing country in South Asia. We are facing many serious environmental problems. As the country's economy expands and its population grows, these problems become even more serious. Although NGOs and government departments have taken steps to prevent environmental catastrophe, but in Pakistan Environmental issues still remain.
Of these problems, we cannot ignore traffic problems !!
With the growing population, the traffic problem in almost all major cities of Pakistan has become very severe. The increase in traffic has also increased the number of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, the traffic problems are not so important in our country.
Undoubtedly, speeding, bad roads, inexperienced drivers, one-wheelers and many other reasons are increasing the traffic problems, but the violation of traffic rules is also one of the main reasons.

Pakistan's police are widely ranked among the most macro, corrupt and unaccountable institutions in the state.

Corruption by the traffic police, especially on cities and local roads, is no secret. Police officers take bribes and ignore violations or allow violations under their supervision. Taking advantage of their position / uniform, many police officers perform their services in transport independently or in collaboration with a colleague.

Violation of the law is a problem in itself

 Public transport drivers and others with political connections avoid speeding and other violations. And the rest of the drivers have been violating the consensus of the police along with their owners. Almost every other passenger refers to the police, government officials and politicians. If the traffic police do their job honestly, the passengers are against the law. Even if caught in violation, she is acquitted on receiving such references.

Recently, a video of "Colonel's wife" was circulating on social media. Instead of waiting for a few minutes, she was found breaking the law and abusing a law enforcement officer. There are many more examples like PTI MPA Azmi Kardar and Human Rights Minister Sherry Mazari.

These are people who promote violence and intimidation instead of obeying traffic laws. Don't you know who I am? I will report you to the Inspector General !! We have all heard such words many times from the mouths of personalities like him. This process is not only promoting violations but also fostering a culture of prejudice and nepotism.

What will the people do when the ruling class does not follow the rules?
The chaos we have is the result of setting a bad example for the elite, which is why ordinary people say, "If they can survive, why can't we?"

Violation of the law is a problem in itself

This is simply the result of a weak legal system. The lack of professionalism among members of the law enforcement agencies is the biggest blow to the objectives of the legislation.
Even many traffic police officers fail to make the offender realize what he has violated and why he is being punished.

In order to reduce traffic congestion in our country and to maintain the rule of law on the roads, there is a need for training of police officers as well as discouraging the practice of law enforcement.

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